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Embrace the Hate of Mets Fans vs Yankees Fans

The Mets are good, the Yankees are good...This is the best time to be a fan of either baseball team in New York and to trash talk the rival team and fans because that's what we do!!!! It's funny to me when some people think we need to love each other and be happy for one another like we are in an episode Barney and friends.

Well.....Fuck That!!! I'm a Mets fan, one of the most die hard and loyal fan you'll ever encounter. And I won't feel bad or stop being obnoxious because I've stuck around for all the early to mid 90's years...

the Jeff Torborg and Dallas Green years...Then the short successful years with Bobby Valentine in the late 90s and well 2000 where we lost to the Yankees. And then the fucking Art Howe time here which I try to block out of my memory, sprinkled in was a few years of solid teams in 06,07, and 08 which resulted in nothing but heartbreaking finishes. Then back to dog shit baseball, until 2015 which took us on a ridiculous ride to the World Series where no one saw happening on Opening day with Eric Campbell and John Mayberry as our 3 and 4 hitters, and we all thought it was the start of something special and maybe finally the start of something great...but nope!!! More shit was ahead.

Then something great happened, something no one could ever imagine especially Mets fans.....The end of the Wilpon era!!!! Steve Cohen aka Uncle Stevie to Mets fans and all of his beautiful money was now the leader of our franchise and as a Mets fan himself (and 8% minority owner) along with his wife Alex, we finally have an owner who will do anything to bring another championship to Queens.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge Barstool fan, a long time stoolie...and the reason I wanted to start this thing we have called Fire'd Up Sports, and that's why I believe in fans being fans on our group page. I'm a huge fan of We Gotta Believe, a Mets podcast and they have been preaching about "This team being different" and I also believe the same thing. Games this year so far the Mets have won they lose 98% of the time in the past, the combined no-hitter, the late come from behind wins, and let's not forget DFA'n Cano and eating the remaining $40m of his contract. Oh yes, this team truly is different and Yankees fans are feeling threatened, feeling their insecurities, and don't know how to react. It's like when the only child finally gets a new sibling and doesn't like when the new kid is getting the attention, get used to it because this team is real, and if it's not this new regime isn't afraid to make the necessary moves to make it happen.


Mets fans don't need Yankees fans support, you have no idea what we've been've never felt the pain and heartache Mets fans have endured, you've possibly had this feeling once or twice for maybe half a season since the mid 90s so when we're this good just know we waited long enough to be this arrogant so SUCK IT!!!!!!


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