"Hollywood" Freeman vs ATL Oly

As a Mets fan I'm thrilled I won't have to go through another 5-6 years of Met Killer Freddie Freeman crushing my dreams and causing hole repairs on my drywall, but for Braves fans I would be pissed!!! The Braves offered a 5 year deal worth $135m which was the same AAV as he got with the Dodgers (6yr $162m) but Atlanta decided to not add the 6th year for whatever reason. So instead they made a trade (some in baseball say overpaid in prospects) for Matt Olson, a career .252 hitter and having his best year in 2021 slashing .271/39/111 with .911 OPS and has 2 Gold Gloves. The Braves also gave their new first baseman an extension, 8 years for $168m, Olson will be 36 at the end of the contract and Freeman would have been 38 (with the NL now having the DH) and you wouldn't have had to give up 4 prospects, one of which C Shea Langeliers who has the highest ceiling of the 4, and you could have kept your franchise 1B and fan favorite in the process. Olson isn't a slouch by any means but it's similar to the Mets letting David Wright walk, the Yankees letting Jeter go, or worse the Braves letting Chipper Jones play for another team!!!!! Only time will tell who won the deal but to let $6m a year get in the way is foolish, especially for a Franchise legend who you just won a World Series with. But at least Charlie Freeman will be closer to his favorite player Fernando Tatis Jr.


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