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How High is the Rockies Front Office?

As I read this tweet from Jon Heyman it suddenly became real, I heard all week how the Rockies were going hard after 3B/LF a 4x All-Star, ROY, and former MVP Kris Bryant and his beautiful blue eyes (30 years old), but there was no way they were going to pay the price tag, right? I mean, they traded arguably one of the best 3B of all time both offensively and defensively Nolan Arenado (31 years old in April) because of his massive 8 years $260m contract, then let their franchise SS Trevor Story (29 years old) just walk because of the possible contract demands who has still not been signed as of today. I don't understand the Rockies philosophy but they seem like a Front Office I'd like to party with, this move won't help them win anytime soon and I guess Bryant is content with 1 ring and a fuck ton of money.


Good for him, but there are some really sad Seattle Mariners fans (like 4 total) who put the house on Bryant getting high in Seattle but I guess the weed is a lot better in Colorado, and Bryant will be a fantasy bat you might want to draft this year 👀

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