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I Used to be a Marcus Stroman Defender but Fuck this Guy!!!

It's funny how fast you can become a villain in New York sports even when you're a hometown kid if you insult our team. And this is what Stroman did, and he has now made himself public enemy #1 with his tweet (which he deleted of course) but screenshots last forever.

Stroman is upset with the Mets organization because they decided to sign one of the best and most dominant pitchers of this era Max Scherzer. A healthy Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer in the same rotation on back-to-back days is one of the best 1-2 in baseball history.

Mr. Only Positive Vibes sure has a thing with constantly bringing in negative vibes when he leaves a team, Stro is more of the problem than a solution for teams and as much as I used to defend him I just can't after his recent tweets bashing the Mets and their Front Office.

"Just look at who the Mets hired as their

GM.…that tells you enough. His lack of

awareness in his previous position is

being exposed to the public now. I'm

beyond thankful I'm gone from that

organization. God got me!"- Marcus Stroman

Mets GM Cousin Billy has signed Max Scherzer, Starling Marte, Eduardo Escobar, and Mark Canha, and the Manager to lead this team? Buck F'N Showalter!!! The one man who can take this win-now team to the next level. But "God got me!" yeah Marcus, he got your ass on a rebuilding Cubs team who may win 70 games this year. I'd like to wish you well this upcoming season but you make it so hard to root for when you bash teams who just don't see you in their plans for the future and instead of just moving on like a professional would, you just blame everything and everyone but yourself as if you can do no wrong.

Funny how fast your opinion changes the second a team decides you're not a good fit for the team. There seems to be a pattern here, so maybe instead of pointing the finger and blame I would suggest some self-reflection

and taking a good look in the mirror to find the real problem.

I feel bad for Chicago Cubs fans if they don't shower him with love when he gives up 4 runs and are disappointed, fair warning Chicago, he will block you if you're not stroking his ego 24/7. I truly hope when the season kicks off you will pitch against the Mets at Citifield and Scherzer on the bump for us and we just shower you with boos and kick your dick in!!!!! LFGM!!!! and Fuck Off Stro!!!!

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