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Mets add All-Star to Rotation

The Mets offseason is officially back on!!!! No big Free Agent signing yet since the end of the lockout but they did add Chris Bassitt, a 2021 All-Star from Oakland for JT Ginn a 2nd round pick in the 2020 draft, and Adam Oller #15 prospect in the Mets organization. He has a career 3.47 era and in 27 games last year he was 12-4 with a 3.15 era and also 1 comebacker to the skull. And they have more than enough pieces to trade for some very nice arms for the bullpen such as a Josh Hader? With Jeff McNeil, Dom Smith, and JD Davis still on the Mets roster after the Bassitt trade, I would expect the Mets to make a few more moves. My wish list includes Kyle Schwarber, Andrew Chafin, and either Richard Rodriguez or Keone Kela, (and of course a trade for Josh Hader 😉) with a smart finish before Spring Training games which start Thursday and the Mets will give a run to not only be a force in the NL East but the entire league!!!!


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