Most Hated Fan Bases in Sports

Sports are something that can either bring people together, or tear them apart. When you share a passion for the same team with somebody, you both automatically have that unspoken bond, almost an “us against the world” mentality. Some fan bases take this a little further than others. Whether the fans of the team are obnoxious, ignorant, or just flat out disrespectful, nobody wants to see fans cross a certain line. I don’t care if you chirp somebody, I do it all the time. Just keep it classy. But these 10 fan bases just don’t know how to do that. Quick honorable mentions to the Houston Astros, any Philly-based team not already mentioned in this list, both New York Jets and Giants fans, and most upper-echelon European soccer teams. We may not think you’re bad enough for this list, but you’re all pretty obnoxious.

10) Philadelphia Flyers - I could’ve made a top 5 list based strictly off of Philadelphia fanbases. But Philly has the worst fanbase in the league bar none. They travel very well, especially on the east coast, and normally spend the night acting like they were the original Broad Street Bully. Any environment they go to is hostile for all the wrong reasons. I’ve watched them boo the national anthem in person, start fights in crowds during blowouts, and throw objects on the ice at players for poor performance in the playoffs. In 2016, Philly fans showered wristbands used for a pre game ceremony onto the ice after losing a playoff game 6-1, going down 3-0 in the series. That’s not the look any organization wants to be known for.

9) Toronto Maple Leafs - Toronto is the ultimate villainous fan base in hockey because they have so much going against them. One of the NHL main offices is located in Toronto, one of the biggest markets in hockey, and one of the most passionate fan bases you’ll find. On the other hand, that fan base will turn on you as a player just as quickly as they’ll support you. Just asked April Reimer, wife of former Leafs goaltender James Reimer, who received over 200 death threats when Reimer flopped in an elimination game in the playoffs. I get venting your frustration, but threatening a man’s wife because of an off night? Or how about Jake DeBrusk, current Boston Bruins, also receiving death threats after his play helped Boston advance past Toronto in the first round of the playoffs. And I thought the Canadians were supposed to be friendly? Maybe not.

8) Golden State Warriors - Current Golden State fans are your classic fair weather fans that make the actual fans look bad. Do they have any heinous actions against teams in the NBA? Not really. But would you see this sort of support if they were a .500 team? Also no. This airs more on the side of mainly caring because they got good fast. Congratulations, you took the easy way out. But don’t claim to be a fan of a team because you’re a fan of their success. In the 2015-2016 season, when the team had won their first title, ticket prices were under $80 on average per 4 years and multiple titles later, tickets became $458. True fans support their team when they play good or bad. Warriors “fans” don’t support a team, they support their success.

7) Boston Red Sox - Everybody loves a good underdog. Boston were the lovable losers for decades. But here’s the problem with playing the underdog: you’re not the underdog anymore when you’re a world champion. Boston fans LOVE claiming that they’re the underdog and playing victim. I’ve heard it with the Bruins, the Celtics, and another team you’ll see later on in this list. The Red Sox have won more titles in the last 20 years than any other team in the MLB. You can’t be the underdog when all you see is success. You just look ignorant. There’s always something to moan and complain about, mostly involving the New York Yankees. Constantly viewing themselves as the underdog, no matter who they played, got really old really fast. You’ve had four losing seasons in the last twenty years, one of those seasons shortened due to Covid-19. Stop calling yourself the underdog, find something else to latch on to, and move on.


6) Dallas Cowboys - “America’s Team” was always going to make the list. And I’m surprised they’re not higher. But personally, the fan base is more of the overly-optimistic obnoxious than spit in your face obnoxious. Most Cowboys fans tend to have two things in common: they think “this is the year” every season and often fall back on being good in the past when the current season is not their year. Dallas hasn’t been relevant in the NFL since the mid 1990s with little to no success. In fact, since joining the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars have had more playoff wins than the Dallas Cowboys. It’s hard to be America’s team when the majority of the country wants you to fail. And when you do fail, it becomes even more satisfying. However, although they are one of the most hated, another reason for that is their undying loyalty to wanting the team to succeed. Dallas fans didn’t disappear after their run of titles in the 90’s, even when times were bad. For all the bad things I could say, it’s at least commendable that they were loyal through hardship. Or maybe it’s that overoptimistic approach. Who knows.

5) Alabama Crimson Tide Football - College sports fan bases are borderline a cult. You will

live and die by your school. And nobody in that realm is worse than the University of Alabama. Nobody likes them because they are a powerhouse and they never let you forget it. I think Nick Saban is the greatest football coach in college football history. Doesn’t mean their fan base isn’t obnoxious and expecting a national title every season. Not to mention there are a lot of fans of Alabama that have no connection to the school, they just want to be a part of the winning crowd. And nobody wins more than Bama. Not only that. They NEVER let you forget it. Mentioning any loss to an Alabama fan normally triggers a “yeah but” kind of response. An Alabama loss is cathartic for anybody who doesn’t root for them. When you’ve been on or near the top of college football for over a decade, everybody wants to see you get knocked down a couple notches.

4) Duke University Men’s Basketball - Everybody knows a person that walks around like they’re better than everybody else, that entitled person who can’t tell you why they deserve the good things in life, but that they should get them. That’s the Duke Basketball fan base in a nutshell. They perceive themselves as better than you because “we’re Duke”. They tend to live off of past success, fail to acknowledge any current shortcomings, and epitomize everything that we, as a society, tend to hate. The overhyped team that gets what they want, when they want it, with a history of hateable players. Christian Laettner, Grayson Allen, JJ Reddick, Shane Battier. People will watch Duke basketball to watch them lose.


3) New England Patriots - If you’re looking for a fan base that’s obnoxious about their team’s success, look no further than the Patriots fan base. Yes, you dominated the AFC East, arguably the worst division in football for 10 years. But the amount of times I’ve heard fans say “New England was a two decade dynasty” is a joke. These fans have delusions of grandeur about how incredible they are. The team hadn’t done themselves any favors between spygate and deflategate. What did the fan base do? Blame Goodell, blame the system, complain to anybody who would listen. On behalf of anybody who lives outside of New England, nobody gives a damn about your problems. The only people outside of the fan base that get upset when you lose are the people betting on you. Nobody likes a team that was successful for so long that has a fan base without being somewhat humble.

2) New York Yankees - The inspiration for this list ultimately comes in at number two on this list, although there is an argument for number one. When it comes to the Yankees, you hear the same things over and over again, particularly from the casual fans. “We have 27 rings. We have the best history”. You also haven’t really done anything of relevance in over a decade. You complained about a cheating scandal via Houston, then got caught up in one of your own, allegedly. But more than that, the fan base is plain ignorant. The casual fans have an unearned sense of entitlement, the die-hards have shown no class, none more evident than this past weekend. Instead of celebrating a hard-fought win in the bottom of the ninth, you taunted an injury and showered the outfield in beer trying to hit the outfielders. Again, I don’t care if you taunt a player because they made a bad play, but you’re taunting a potential injury then throwing beer cans at people. You know it’s bad when your own team is ashamed of its fan base at that moment.


1) Philadelphia Eagles - When it comes to bottom of the barrel fan bases, look no further than the Philadelphia Eagles. Their old stadium had a courtroom and jail in it because of how violent and rowdy the fans would get. They nearly riotted the city when they won a Super Bowl, threw ice at a guy dressed up as Santa, thrown food and drinks at opposing players leaving the field, and started a fist fight with Philadelphia 76er and DC native Mike Scott because he wore a Washington Redskins jersey. You’d think for a team that has a fan base of this magnitude they would be a top football team in recent history right? Nope. They did have one great Super Bowl run, but have gone 1-4 in playoff appearances other than that run in the last 10 years. Philly is hard nosed, in your face, and things will get ugly if you disagree with their fans. Fights break out pretty much everywhere and fans get hostile both with each other and the players. When you think of the most obnoxious fan base around, Eagles fans wear that as a badge of honor.


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